PostureRay® Upgrade Checkout

Upgrade PostureRay license on all computers   $899.99

Clients not currently on support can purchase a one-time PostureRay Upgrade for the latest release. The purchase of a one-time upgrade includes 1-month of support. After 1-month, additional support or training will be charged at the per-incident rates in effect at the time of service (as of December 2019 both rates are USD $150.00 per hour).

  Monthly Technical Maintenance Plan   $125.00

In 30 days begin enrollment to the Technical Support Maintenance Plan which provides access to updated versions of PostureRay without the need to pay for an Upgrade license (which will save you $899.99 the next time you need to upgrade).

By enabling this added feature with your Upgrade purchase, you will be enrolled in our Technical Support Maintenance Plan. At the end of the first month of included support you will be charged $125.00 per month for ongoing Maintenance and Support. This includes unlimited technical software support and upgrades for the PostureRay software only and requires an initial 12-month minimum commitment. If cancellation occurs prior to completion of the initial 12-month term, client will be responsible for paying the full outstanding balance.

At the end of the initial 12-month commitment your subscription will auto-renew and continue until cancelled in writing by emailing Upon cancellation there is no option for prorated refund. No refunds are allowed on any payments.

Support does not include trainings. Trainings are separate and will be billed at the training rates in effect at the time of service (as of December 2019 the training rates are USD $150.00 per hour).

The Technical Support team can be reached 9 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time (9:00 - 17:00 UTC-5). Use the blue "PostureCo Support" icon on your desktop and installed with PostureRay to initiate a support session. Scheduling support for adds/moves/changes is suggested. If a client requests this type of support during heavy support hours, a technician will ask the client to schedule their support session.

PostureCo, Inc. Support Technicians will only support PostureRay software on your computers. PostureCo, Inc. will not be responsible for any technical support on client networks nor other applications outside of PostureRay - this includes x-ray acquisition software and PACS.

Total Today: $899.99
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